Every Child Deserves A Chance

Hamilton's Heart Foundation reaches out to inner city youths to give them that chance.

Our Mission

The Hamilton’s Heart Foundation believes that every child deserves a chance and every child deserves access to the tools they need to create a bright future. With the support of the community at large, our mission is to assist in providing day-to-day resources and educational support to children and teens who need a hand up. No matter the surrounding circumstances, we believe that when provided opportunity and acknowledgement all youth can not only succeed but also excel, despite society’s expectations.

Our goal within the Hamilton’s Heart Foundation, is to provide support and direction for today’s youth through events and programs that empower and inspire today’s youth to continue dreaming despite obstacles placed before them. Be it the harsh surroundings often related to inner city living, disabilities, mental illness, homelessness, or merely a lack of parental involvement. We look to our events and programs such as the Inner-City Retreat, Heart for Fashion, and our complete Wellness Program to help spread awareness not only to those directly affected on a personal level, but also to those who have found themselves exempt from the struggles of growing up without strong support systems.

Included in our vision is scholarship support for the continuing-education aspirations for young adults who have aged out of foster care system. When we are successful these children, who may be lacking in roots, resources…. Can still spread their wings — having learned they too deserve to have dreams.


In collaboration with community and private agencies, schools, churches and local advocacy groups, Hamilton’s Heart raises funds and accepts in-kind donations on behalf of economically disadvantaged children and children with disabilities.

About The Foundation

Hamilton’s Heart Foundation was created to reflect the founder’s belief that with great success comes great responsibility.  His hope is that all children be provided the opportunity to accomplish their dreams. That founder, former NFL running back Lynell Hamilton, was raised in a tough neighborhood in Stockton California.  In 2009, Forbes magazine described it as the, “most miserable city,” to inhabit in the United States.  A large part of that ranking took into consideration the poverty level – reflected in the high unemployment rate – and violent crime statistics. Through hard work and the support of involved, inspiring parents, Lynell was able to reach the pinnacle of football success despite coming from a part of town where hope was not a well-known concept.

When the Forbes article appeared, Stockton Mayor, Ann Johnston, sent out a plea, “ . . .I am encouraging everyone to get involved and help us find solutions that meet the needs of our community.” Lynell returned to Stockton in the off-season and joined his best friend and former high school teammate Lavelle Hawkins to meet that challenge. Their original goal was simply to lift the spirits of Stockton’s children and bringing a bit of sunlight to a dark and gloomy city.  The two NFL players put on the first of what has become an annual fun and instructional football camp for inner city youth.  The camp was and still is free for the participants. To date, over 2,000 kids have joined in the football fun and life-skills mentoring provided by these camps.

That first year there were lessons learned and not just by the children. The Hamilton’s Heart Foundation was created from the recognition of a deeply personal need to give back to the community that had supported him and the realization of how much can be achieved by leveraging his status as an athlete.

Since its start in 2009, the foundation has widened its outreach to include programs in San Diego where Lynell currently resides. In 2016, the foundation will be expanding its current mission of support for inner city youth to include a variety of underprivileged and underserved youth populations. It has plans to embrace children from military families, the homeless, the disabled – with a particular focus on Autism – and youth who are aging out of the foster care system without the means to continue on to college or a trade school. While Hamilton’s Heart continues to engage other professional athletes to garner support for its own programs, we make it part of our mission to encourage those athletes to engage in similar activities in their own communities.

Inner City Youth Camp

The Team Behind Hamilton's Heart Foundation

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